ShellShock | Inner City, Sensitive and limited-space Venues
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Inner City, Sensitive and limited-space Venues

Shellshock provide a new generation of fireworks spectaculars for noise-sensitive venues, inner city and rooftop events.

This is in direct response to the growing number of venues and their clients who want to incorporate fireworks into their events, but are unable to do so because of the unacceptable impact on the locality.

We have built this revolutionary type of display around the following principles:

• Low-noise – careful selection of effects for their visual, rather than their sonic impact. These displays are up to 75% quieter than normal displays.

• Low-debris – using cleaner, self-consuming effects that can be fired much closer to people and property than ‘traditional’ Aerial Fireworks without losing any of the impact and spectacle.

• Maximum Impact – using the latest digital performance technology to create movement, surprise and sheer magic on a grand scale

A corporate logo or brand, fired in colour lance-work or flame rope, can form a focal point for a performance, as well as providing a powerful photo-opportunity. We are able to incorporate corporate colours and music into the display and will be happy to provide a professional photographer.

A range of low-level special effects allow us to create stunning visual moments to enhance a product launch, announcement or the arrival of a VIP. These include:

• Flame Projectors – amazing flame machines made to our specification, these spectacular units fire up to 5 columns or balls of flame at a time to 40ft with complete precision.

• Giant Confetti Cannons – often used by Shell Shock to shower the winning team at high-profile sporting events. Liquid CO2 is used to project confetti, available in a wide range of colours, from 80 to 150ft into the air.

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